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Everyone has questions about buying and selling caravans, these are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Are Parks Open All Year?
    • Caravan owners can normally use the park for most but not all of the year.

      The actual dates vary from park to park – some parks are 1st March – 31st October but often it is much longer. Please ask the park of your choice.

  • What Services Are Available?
    • Static caravans usually have full services connected – water, drainage and electricity. Electricity is charged at cost – at a substantial discount to standard domestic tariff. Gas is often provided by piped LPG, otherwise by cylinders.

      Where gas is via cylinders, the park offers a delivery service to make sure you need never run out of gas with an automatic switch over system. In addition at many parks a wifi internet  connection is provided free of charge in club venues.

      You will  enjoy access to all digital TV stations so you can keep up to date with all of your favourite shows whilst on holiday! With most parks having mobile phone coverage you will have 24-7 access to the outside world. Many parks also offer access to wi-fi from your caravan.

  • Can I Live Permanently In A Static Caravan?
    • You can not live in a static caravan or lodge on a holiday park for the full year as your sole residence.

      As a holiday home owner you are only allowed to stay during the licensed part of the year – but at most parks you can visit as often as you want for as long as you want during the open holiday season.

      Caravan holiday homes are built to very high standards, but are not designed for full residential use 12 months a year, and the planning also restricts the use.

  • Should I Buy From A Park Or Privately?
    • The choice is yours!

      Here are a few pros and cons -

      Buying Privately -

      If you can find the right model for you on the right park and a pitch you like for sale privately – then that option is certainly worth looking at. You will of course need to satisfy yourself re the condition of the home, and the period of pitch licence remaining that is being sold. You will also need to satisfy yourself that there is no outstanding finance, and that the person you are dealing with is in fact the owner – but don’t let any of this put you off.

      Buying from the park owner -

      You will have access to a greater choice of models and pitches. If buying a used model there should be no risk of  outstanding finance, and you will have easier recourse to the seller if there are any after sales issues.

  • Can You Help Me With Finance For My Purchase?
    • Most parks and caravan dealers can. Parks are usually licensed credit brokers, and can arrange finance via a range of specialist lenders including Barclays Bank and Lloyds Black Horse. Terms can reflect your personal needs, with deposits and repayment periods individually tailored.

      Terms and conditions will apply – full written details available from the park of your choice on request.

  • What Are The Running Costs?
    • The costs vary from park to park, and include pitch fees plus other normal costs such as utility costs and insurance.

      As a guide pitch fees range roughly from £2500 to around £7000 depending on park location and facilities. Many parks have more than one level of fees varied by size of caravan or if some pitches have extra facilities / sea views etc.

      Many parks have standing order payment options to spread the cost, and discounts if you choose to pay in full at the time they are billed.

      When you visit a park they will explain the costs in detail.

      Electricity is metered to each caravan – and the park owner can only recharge based on what the park gets charged – so you can benefit.

      There are several specialist insurance companies that can arrange excellent cover at affordable rates – when buying from a park this is often included in the initial purchase price. If buying privately you will need to contact one of the insurers to get cover for when you complete your purchase.

      Most people find that the running costs work out to be reasonable if they are making good use of their caravan.

  • Are There Lots Of Rules And Regulations?
    • Buying a static caravan or lodge is a big purchase – there are regulations in place to ensure buyers have rights and are treated fairly treated. Parks in membership of the British Holidays & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) and National Caravan Council (NCC) are required to comply with a code of practice that puts the needs of the customer first.

      Parks also need to have rules to ensure that the site licence with the local authority is complied with, and to manage the behaviour of people for the enjoyment of everyone.

      The park rules are usually displayed in the park reception and should  be explained on a park visit.

  • I Already Have A Caravan – Can I Site It On A Different Park?
    • In many circumstances – yes. Each park has its own policy on this – and will depend on the availability of vacant pitches.

      The offer of a pitch will be subject to a caravan being in good condition. Charges usually  include the pitch fees plus transport, siting and connection costs – the park will normally be able to arrange everything for you.

      Ask if this service is available at the park of your choice.

  • Can I Sublet My Static Caravan?
    • At most parks the answer is yes – how you use it is entirely up to you! Some parks do have restrictions so its always best to ask.

      Many parks offer a sublet service so that static caravans don’t have the hassle of trying to find customers, arranging the cleaning and check in. Some owners find that letting can cover most or all of the running costs – still leaving time for them to enjoy in the weeks it’s not let out.

      Others choose to keep the good life to themselves – or only let lucky friends and family use it.

      Owning a static caravan gives you the freedom to use it as you please.

  • Is There Any Limit On The Age Of Caravans That Can Remain On A Site?
    • This varies from park to park and is an important question to understand before you buy.

      Parks which are members of either the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) or National Caravan Council (NCC) are required to offer an initial fixed period from first purchase new of at least 10 years. Some parks offer more – and the norm for lodges is 20 years or more.

      Remember that this doesn’t mean that it is certain your caravan will need to be moved after that period – often by mutual agreement this period can be extended on an annual basis.

      The details will be explained when you visit a park, and will form a part of written pitch licence agreement when you buy.

  • What About Pets?
    • Pets are welcome at most holiday parks, but not all so check with your chosen park to make sure.

      With most parks having access to great countryside and footpaths to explore – it can be a great lifestyle for dog owners in particular.

      Of course its important that all pets are properly controlled for the enjoyment of all our guests, and that owners clean up any ‘mess’.

  • Is There Any Legal Protection?
    • In addition to your statutary legal rights governing the sale of goods you also have the protection of the caravan industry trade association code of practice where parks are in membership of the BH&HPA or NCC – your guarantee of a high level of customer service.

  • I Have Lots More Questions!!!
    • That’s fine – everyone has their own specific questions

      Get in touch with the caravan seller or the park and they should be able to help.


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