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B&B businesses starting up in caravans

Of late there have been an increasing number of unique B&B style businesses springing up all over the country, where people are turning their hand at creating holiday accommodation through renovating static caravans and even old garden sheds.

Old static caravans could provide the perfect B&B location

Image Credit: Dick Penn (flickr.com)

There are also an increasing number of websites being set up that make it easier for people to lease out their house, whereby they can make money by snapping up static caravans for sale locally and staying in this temporary accommodation whilst making money on their property. However, it is not always possible to gain permission to rent out your property, so many are turning to converting sheds and caravans to rent out as holiday accommodation instead.

According to this article, while there are a number of planning rules to consider, this could be a viable money-making business whilst creating unique and contemporary accommodation out of older static caravans and other unconventional structures, helping realise their B&B dreams on a smaller and more manageable scale.

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