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£28m investment to save caravan parks

Thanks to a £28 million coastal realignment programme known as the Medmerry scheme, which was completed on 4th November, the caravan parks situated along the popular Medmerry coastline in Sussex are to be saved from flood risk.£28m investment to save caravan parks

The parks along this area of coast, which include the popular Chichester Lakeside Holiday Park and Bunn Leisure to just a couple, have been at risk of flooding for many years, but their patrons can now breathe a sigh of relief after the conclusion of this scheme. It is hoped that this will have a positive effect on the number of coastal static caravans for sale in the area, where flooding will no longer be a concern.

Community members helped in the completion of the scheme that saw a number of new defences built since its beginning in 2011, which involved the controlled flooding of a managed flood plain to relieve pressure on structures along the coastline, according to the BBC.

Image Credit: Mark William Richardson (Shutterstock)

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