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Arty caravan makes Turner Prize appearance

An old caravan has been given a new lease of life thanks to Japanese artist Shiro Masuyama. As part of a project celebrating the cultures of Britain and the Republic of Ireland, Masuyama has transformed the mobile home into a unique artwork named the Borderline Project.Display caravan at show

Masuyama, who lives in Northern Ireland, was commissioned to produce the work for the City of Culture 2013. This is an annual scheme in which a destination is designated as a cultural hub for a 12-month period, in which they establish a series of projects celebrating their local culture and display it to the rest of Europe. Derry~Londonderry was bestowed with the 2013 honour, which was when Masuyama’s Borderline Project took shape.

The caravan is designed with an interior that is split into two zones, one distinctly British and the other representing Irish traditions. Presented as part of the Turner Prize Exhibition on Ebrington Square, the work may also impact on the number of touring and static caravans for sale on the market, with the caravan image now becoming one of contemporary art. Read more about the Borderline Project here.

Image Credit: bunchofcats1 (flickr.com)

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